Vacurect OTC10

AUS$ 355.00

Vacurect OTC10 Includes:

  • Vacurect Medical Device
  • 10 x Vacurect Tension (Constriction) Rings of different sizes
  • Tension Rings includes all sizes available including the Rehab Ring
  • Vacurect Silicone Oil 30ml Bottle
  • Vacurect Water Based Personal Lubricant 100ml Bottle

Important Notice:

Please do not take the factory assembled main vacuum tube apart as it will render the warranty null and void.



Order Information:

All orders discreetly wrapped and sent via registered Australia Post
Delivery takes approximately 2 business days when sent to a Sydney address
Delivery takes approximately 3 business days to all other national deliveries outside Sydney
Delivery takes approximately 5 business days for all New Zealand orders
For further delivery information refer to AusPost website

Discounts and Bulk Orders:

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