As Erectile Dysfunction Treatments In Australia Go, Treatment Using Vacurect Is Clinically Proven To Produce Results

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, there is a solution in the Vacurect medical device from Vacumed. The device is a medically tested and researched answer for the millions of men around the world suffering from erectile dysfunction, or ED. Vacumed has been operating in Australia for five years and has been providing its state of the art vacuum constriction erectile dysfunction treatment in countries such as the United States since 1998. Vacurect is a well-known name globally, and its unique design and use of the latest vacuum technology make it a best-seller around the world.

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

The disorder is common among men over the age of 40. Simply aging is one of the causes. As men age, they are more susceptible to cardiovascular problems, hypertension, and other things that cause problems with blood flow. Anything that can interfere with blood flow to the penis can contribute to ED. Along those same lines, cardiovascular disease is a big contributor to erectile dysfunction. Atherosclerosis, for example, involves the narrowing of the arteries. This will result in restricted blood flow to the penis. Diabetes often leads to atherosclerosis as well as other nerve damage. Spinal cord injuries also result in nerve damage and any nerves associated with the penis that are damaged will lead to ED.

Certain lifestyle choices can also contribute to ED. Smoking cigarettes over the course of one’s lifetime can cause the type of artery and nerve damage that leads to ED. The use of alcohol and drugs is another contributor. Drugs also include prescription medication that is used to treat a variety of ailments. Men who suffer from depression or face an unusually high amount of stress are often affected physically. Sometimes, the results of that stress and depression are erectile dysfunction.

How Vacurect Works As An Effective Erectile Dysfunction Treatment In Australia

Vacurect is a vacuum constriction device that helps a man achieve and sustain an erection in order to have sexual intercourse. The device uses no chemicals and is perfectly safe for patients to use. The device may also be used with other ED treatments. The Vacurect treatment was developed by an engineer who suffered from ED and had little luck with any of the treatments that were available on the market at the time. Using the latest in technology, the Vacurect was developed and tested by medical professionals. The results were outstanding and continue to be to this day.

Among erectile dysfunction treatments in Australia, Vacurect is safe, non-invasive, and so easy to use. There is minimal interference in foreplay when using the device. It is placed on the penis and the natural pumping action helps to draw the penis into the device. Blood flow is increased and an erection begins to develop. All the while, the hands are free to continue with foreplay. Once the erection is achieved, Vacurect is easily removed for lovemaking to begin.

Vacurect provides an effective, affordable treatment to ED. Learn more by visiting the Vacumed website,, or by calling 02 8065 5691. You will speak with a friendly, knowledgeable representative who understands that privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance. Make the call today.