Diabetic Erectile Dysfunction Treatment From Vacumed

Effective diabetic erectile dysfunction treatment is available in Australia from Vacumed, suppliers of the Vacurect medical device. The product has been available globally since 1998 and has gained enough in popularity that it is now an approved device on the Medicare list in the United States. The maker, Vacumed, has been operating in Australia for five years now providing men with an answer to the problem of erectile dysfunction, or ED.

There are a number of causes associated with erectile dysfunction, including aging. As men get older, blood flow to the penis changes. There are also other causes relating to aging such as cardiovascular disease. Older men are more prone to things like heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Each of these conditions can cause less blood flow to the penis or affect nerves that are connected to the penis, thus making it more difficult to achieve an erection.

Diabetic erectile dysfunction treatment using the Vacurect is revolutionary and perfectly safe, especially for those men who are unable to use oral therapy. The device is a vacuum constriction device that helps increase blood flow to the penis so that an erection may be achieved. It is easy to use, very discreet, and affordable. There is minimal interference with foreplay, making the device much less of a distraction during lovemaking.

Call Vacumed today at 02 8065 5691 and speak discreetly with a knowledgeable, understanding company representative. They will address all of your questions and offer you advice as how to best use the product. You may also visit www.vacumed.com.au for more information on the Vacurect.